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automatic generation of UML charts from Python code




I completely lazy for self-insulation.
I need to build Action Diagramm in UML for a class on Python. Of course, having a code under 500 rows with a bunch of conditions and cycles, a preset to make it hands somehow completely unpleasant. I would like this – uploaded a file with an extension * .py and chart is ready. I believe that it exists, perhaps even online.
Thugged. I found 3-4 links to editors. I did not find it. Downloaded. And they, as a rule, do not work … I will immediately say that I downloaded Pynsource and I have Ubuntu. And he did not correctly processed the code. That is, it brought only a list of input variables … Tell me, I am sure that there must be some kind of superstructure over Pycharm ….

Answer 1, Authority 100%

To solve this task there have been a mass of solutions
First of all, Eclipse

It all comfortably happened in it and actually the question can be closed.

This is the second link it is by the way easy to install via Erminal Sudo Snap Install Pynsource

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