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Encoding in Sublime Text 2




before was on NotePad ++ , now I decided to master the new text editor for me. There was a question about the encoding: where to specify it / change?
In NotePad ++ the file had a UTF-8 encoding : I open it in Sublime Text and see that Cyrillic is displayed incorrectly.

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I have in the file menu there is a item Reopen with Encoding ...
However, I use the Mac version, but I think that there are such.

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for sublime 3

Preferences – & gt; Settings User – & gt; “Default_encoding”: “UTF-8 with Bom”

Answer 3

About SUBRIME TEXT 3 encoding I painted in paragraph 1 this answer . Also, in addition to the Reopen with Encoding , mentioned in Answer Violet, we can and save files In the approval you need: File Save with Encoding . Thank you.

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