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Lower Digger under quotes, what is it and how to remove it?




When entering the text anywhere, wherever I entered these signs “‘^` appears right under them, the bottom hyphen or the lower dash, it looks like _

How to get rid of it?

In all codes, I have now problems, because I open quotes and you need to press the gap so that the text goes inside the quotes. And the most interesting thing is only on the English layout! I thought a problem in the editors, I had a long time, but then at least in the browser, at least where he began to enter it and see this ominous lower ditch

High Sierra Mac OS.

Answer 1

Looks like you have a layout U.S. International – PC, or similar. Go to System Preferences – & GT; Keyboard – & gt; INPUT SOURCES – & GT; Remove this layout out of the list and add any other English instead of it. Checked on British and US, the emphasis does not put.

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