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PDoreSources in MODX Revolution duplicates the chunk when displaying




When the Chanka is displayed in the template via PDoreSources Chank on the page duplicates.

Chang himself displays:

  & amp; parents = `0`
  & amp; depth = `0`
  & amp; tpl = `chunk_name`
  & amp; includetvs = `tv_name`

Tomitually tried to delete, create other chunk, or change the chunk on the other, already existing, all are output from several pieces.

It looks like a chunk:

& lt; hr class = "line-roduct" & gt;
& lt; div class = "Feature__Title-Container" & gt;
  & lt; h3 class = "Feature__Title" & gt;
  & lt; / h3 & gt;
  & lt; div class = "Feature__Content" & gt;
    [[+ TV.Contament]]
  & lt; / div & gt;
& lt; / div & gt;

If the Chank is standard [[$ chunk_name]], then everything works as it should, but the TV field is not tightened, which is in Chanka, and I need it.

An interesting observation has now revealed. If you remove all HTML marking from Chanka, leaving only [[+ TV.Contament]], Chank stops duplicated and added correctly. But if you write any absolutely text, by type “Test”, Chank again starts to duplicate.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

You need to specify exactly three parameters:
& amp; Resources, & amp; Depth and & amp; parents
and choose the necessary resources (resource)

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