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Is there a plugin that allows you to view what parameters to transmit to it? And if there are still some convenient plugins for convenience when working with PHP, please share a

Answer 1, Authority 100%

from the most useful, I would noted:

  1. sublimecodeintel for autocomplete and other buns facilitating code set.
  2. sublimelinter-php to check the code for the correctness of the syntax and compliance with the design standards. This, by the way, the module for sublimelinter , so it will be necessary to install for start and it.
  3. phpdoc Strangely enough add phpdoc support. You can likely find it useful.

As you probably noticed, I recommend using the plugins to manage the most convenient Package Control . Yes, not so many plugins mentioned, but also sublimetext is still the editor (albeit very smart), and not IDE. For further searching for those plugins that are necessary in your case (Xdebug, PhpUnit, Git?), I advise you to use the aforementioned Package Control – it is wonderful by keywords.

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