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Problem starting open server




2017-01-05 00:03:26 ————————————- ——-
2017-01-05 00:03:26 Beginning of the server start procedure
2017-01-05 00:03:26 File C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts is not writable
2017-01-05 00:03:26 Disable the use of the HOSTS file or configure access rights
2017-01-05 00:03:26 Launch failed!
What should I do to fix it?

Answer 1, authority 100%

At least two paths:

  1. Run from the server itself as an administrator, like regular programs:

     enter image description here

    You need to right-click on the program and select this item from the pop-up menu ……

  2. In new versions (at least 5.2.2 for sure, maybe even earlier), you can check the Do not make changes to the HOSTS file checkbox in the OpenServer settings on the Server

     enter image description here

Answer 2, authority 4%

If you check the box not to make changes to the HOSTS file, then the sites will no longer be displayed by domain, you can expand the rights, the command in cmd: attrib.exe -s -r -h -a C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts

Answer 3

The reasons for the failure usually occur when you install some additional programs: (Avact cleanUp; Kerish Doctor …) that block changes in the hosts.
There are 2 solutions:

1) Right click on Open Server x64.exe and go to property \ compatibility * run as administrator:  enter image description here

2) but if you want your sites to be displayed in C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc \ hosts
just copy its contents and re-create the file: hosts

PS. create a file: hosts at the specified path, it may not work. It needs to be created, for example, on the desktop and transferred with administrator rights! After that, all local sites will be visible in hosts

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