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How to create and configure the synchronization of the GitHub repository with Pycharm. Google of intelligible answers does not give (he may have been looking for badly). How to configure pycharm correctly so that the created projects are saved in GitHub. I work with three computers (at work, at home), so I want to set up once that I would come, sat down and immediately go to work.

UPD: On the comment to the comment below, I looked at VCS and it seems to me that it is not that.

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  1. to work with version control systems (for example, Git ) in the pycharm menu>See VCS
  2. To create a local repository in the project, then call the VCS / Import Into version Control / Create Git Repository
  3. To download a remote repository (for example, from GitHub ), then call the VCS / CHECKOUT from Control Version / Git . In the dialog that appears, specify a link to the repository. You may have to log in in Hithab
  4. If you already have a local project and you need to send it to Githab, then VCS / Import IMPORE VERSION Control / Share Project on GitHub . This will create a new repository in Githab

And so, on all machines you need to start a local repository [2] [3]. As you start working, call the project update to synchronize the local repository and the one on the guithabe. How do you finish working, do COMMIT and PUSH to send changes to

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