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Toring Tor Expert Bundle Windows 7/8/10




downloaded unpacked Tor Expert Bundle. Setting it as Win32 service so

D: \ Path \ To \ tor.exe "--nt-service" -f "" D: / PATH / to / Tor / Data / Tor / Torrc

torrc looks like this:

excludenodes {ru}, {ua}, {by}
 DNSPORT 9053.
 AutomaphostSonResolve 1.
 AutomaphostssuffFixes .exit, .onion

Service works.

prescribed a proxy in Firefox as SOCKS5.
Everything works:

  1. https://check.torproject.org/

congratulations. This Browser Is Configured to Use Tor.

  1. https://2ip.ru/ Determines a completely different country and does not see proxy.

But when trying to transition, for example, on a rutraker. Iron or some other blocked resource I see the page of my provider that access to this resource is prohibited! I think the fact is that I do not have the DNS Torah, and apparently, too, I can not go to .ONion domains. Or is it not about this? How to configure everything?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Solution – update to the latest version.

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