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What is Deploy Applications?




Explain, please, simple words, what is the deploy application? And why do you need such services as Netlify and Vercel, if you can download the project on GitHub and use the link that github will create?

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To your application to be available to users – it must be available on their computers / phones etc. It can be either installed on the devices of users or give them access through the browser. To access the browser – users need to enter the address on the network in its address bar. In the general case – Internet. As a result, this network address will indicate a specific computer on which your program is running.

Accordingly, Deploy is the process of unfolding your application on this particular computer, which will be available to users through their network connection. The process of expanding the application includes the artifact assembly stages (for example, a file or folder files with program files), creating a copy of the artifact on a specific computer and specify the program-web driver to run the program files at certain requests from users.

Different companies provide paid / free solutions to facilitate different stages of the process. On GitHub your application is located at GitHub and on its computers. With the rest of the services – similarly. From risks – you can be banned at any time on these services and your program will disappear from the network, as Parler has become, for example.

You also do not have a complete control over the link to your application – it can also be changed at any time. And you are limited (in the case of github) at least the fact that the link will always Github , for example.

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See, Deploy is the layout of your working code for some hosting, which will be
Run your code all the time, for example you have your bot and you need it to
Constantly worked. Will you be for the sake of this bot to leave the constantly included PC and Kommersant
Launch the script on it? No, and so you post on hosting your bot and it will be
automatically reboot while fail and working 24/7.
Chevo does not use only GitHub?
Because how do you start the bot, site, etc. on GitHub? In any way, but with the site can be but then they
will have at the end of “.github.io” and he will not be able to beat the popular
In Google or other Internet browsers.

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