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What is the test case in the form of a check-list?




Please tell me what is the test case in the form of a check-list? It’s all such a case a test or a check list? Please Give an example of how it is made

Answer 1

Test cases and check-lists – this is a different type and level of detail of documents created with a similar purpose


Test cases are used in the testing of structuring (or how else can translate scripted testing). test cases used as a very structured and zhestkozadanny way to test the application. Looks like this:

+ ------------------------- -------- + -------------------------------- +
| steps | Expected result |
+ --------------------------------- + --------------- ----------------- +
| 1) Open site (www.site.ru) | 1) The site was opened |
| 2) Enter into the address bar | 2) Found results "a", "b" |
| "Search query" | |
+ --------------------------------- + --------------- ----------------- +

Most reputable fellow in testing (which, as usual, no one is listening) expressed the view that the test cases – creepy antipattern, little use is impaired test skills, and leads to the fact that the testers stand hire knopkozhateley [1] [2 ]. As a minimum, test cases explicitly used in 99.9% of cases out of place.

The test cases firmly entrenched in the industry, and the majority believes that tyrkat on them – this is a test. Which leads to a drop in the authority of the macabre profession, as well as an influx of clearly unqualified candidates.

Check list – a high-level document that can be used as source data for the compilation of test cases or structured exploratory testing. It looks like this:

1) Check the main page
2) Check search functionality
2.1) Checking of complex search queries ...

Links to pochitatat:
https://glossary.istqb.org/app/en/search/test% 20case

[1] Michael Bolton, “Breaking the Test-Case addiction” https://www.developsense.com/blog/2019/01/breaking-the-test-case-addiction-part-1/
[2] James Bach, “Beyond Test Cases” http://www.sast.se/pdfs /James_Bach_Beyond_Test_Cases.pdf

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