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When starting MinGW, I get an error: “gcc” is not an internal or external command




I decided to study programming. I stopped the choice on C. I have already decided which literature to read and in which vector to study. As an editor I chose Sublime Text 3. I installed MinGW on my computer. But I can’t figure out how to work with it in the console. Can anyone enlighten on this issue?

MinGW installed via MinGW Installer. When installing, I chose the MinGW (C compilation) and MSYS packages. In cmd.exe I drive the compiler commands to compile the code, but I get an error about the absence of these commands. I registered the path in the environment.

 enter image description here

Run like this:

C: \ Users \ exe-cute-er & gt; gcc --version

I get an error

“gcc” is not an internal or external command, executable program or batch file

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There are many tutorials about this. I’ll try to describe the process:

  1. Follow the path: Start – Computer – Properties – Environment Variables – User Environment Variables for … – Path and then write the path to the compiler
    example of my path

  2. To use the compilation in the console, enter the command gcc filename . But do not forget to change the directory (see the console command for changing the directory on the Internet).
    You will get a compiled file.

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