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Yandex card stopped working immediately on several sites




There is a page on the test subdomain http://solidauto.bestjob.by/contacts . On it Yandex Map. For a long time worked, and yesterday stopped.
There was nothing in the code.
There are several backups on other subdomains. The card stopped working immediately at all.
There was still such. In the morning at home I turn on the computer – the card works. Reboot – does not work. Came to work – the situation is similar

Help please figure out the reason.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

You have there in the console of the error, in particular from the Card API error 429. It means that you use the API without a key. Without a key API cards not working.

Push the key like Described in the documentation , and everything will become approx.

& lt; script src = "https://api-maps.yandex.ru/2.1/?pikey=myapikey& = RU_RU "Type =" Text / JavaScript "& gt;
  & lt; / script & gt;

The key must be obtained in the developer’s office: https://developer.tech.yandex.ru/

Answer 2, Authority 100%

Thanks to the technical support of Yandex, the problem is solved.
I sent requests to geocoder without an API key.

corrected as follows:
It was:

$ .getjson ('https://geocode-maps.yandex.ru/1.x/?', {


$ .getjson ('https://geocode-maps.yandex.ru/1.x/?pikey=< My key & gt; ', {

Answer 3

We assume that the map APIs were connected without using the API key and Yandex disabled this feature.

Answer 4

add from myself.

If you have a Yandex Metric, you can have a conflict if it is located below the map script. It is solved simply – to transfer the Script of the metrics in Head before https: //api-maps.yandex.ru/2.1/?lang=ru_ru&amp ;pikey=[api-key]

Well, the main thing is to enter the desired API key from the JS-API and Geocoder, and not anyone else.

Answer 5

was the same problem – I wrote to the tech support of Yandex – I found out, there is a HIS API Card API conflict with Mootools JS library (we have a website on the old engine Joomla, Mootools disable failure)

TP advised to turn off the compatibility for Mootools (how and where to do it, I did not understand)

// But it turned out that, connecting different versions of the API, you can restore the display of the Yandex card + do not forget to substitute your developer API

// API version 2.0 with errors But the card works works

// API version 2.1 No errors in the console and the card does not work

Answer 6

I decided my problem.
I had such a case:

https://api-maps.yandex.ru/2.1/?lang=ru_ru& KEY]

corrected on this and everything worked:

https://api-maps.yandex.ru/2.1/?lang=ru_ru& ;pikey= [API-KEY]

Before the correction, in the statistics were zeros. Now the numbers appeared. Apparently, the service began to see the API key.

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