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Is CSS a programming or markup language?




Answer 1, authority 100%

CSS is a formal language for describing the appearance of a document written using the markup language (c) Wikipedia . That says it all!

Answer 2, authority 67%

Markup … And in human language – created to give uniqueness to HTML tags and in general.
With Css, a lot of programmers (even pros) have difficulty with it. Since CSS is one of the few languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat is almost impossible (in some situations) to predict how it will act – in the same code in different situations – it can act differently.

Answer 3

This is formally a CSS formatting language. There are many examples of pure CSS games. It seems to me that it can be used as a programming language only in a narrow plane. The latest CSS specs clearly show the limitlessness of working with the DOM. The potential of selectors is also very high. There are no familiar all types of melon and familiar conditions with operators. Therefore, it cannot be called a typical programming language. IMHO css has long gone beyond the style language.

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