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Some Font Awesome icons don’t work




I’m using Font Awesome Free 5.12.0, but some icons are missing, for example VK, instagram, YouTube

Answer 1

You are using Font Awesome incorrectly.

You must insert the icon in the form in which it is given on the official site, that is:

& lt; i class = "fab fa-vk" & gt; & lt; / i & gt;

& lt; i class = "fab fa-instagram" & gt; & lt; / i & gt;

& lt; i class = "fab fa-youtube" & gt; & lt; / i & gt;

Paste these lines inside & lt; li & gt; and then it will work for you.

And in the future, look for the icon you want here , go to her page and grab the provided & lt; i & gt; code for her.

Answer 2

The problem was that the vk icon belongs to a separate font and you need to apply font-family to it: "Font Awesome 5 Brands";

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