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How powerful is the new Swift on Windows?




Friends, tell me whether it is worth learning to program mobile applications for ios in Swift on Windows, if there is no poppy. Apple recently announced a new release of swift for windows. How functional and debugged is it? Who has experience?

P.S. Have some initial java experience: primitives, objects, syntax, building simple ordering applications with three activities, etc. Is it difficult to relearn from java to swift? (logic, syntax, libraries / functionality, performance ..)?

Answer 1, authority 100%

Of course, Apple will have everything else, and you will have to learn everything from scratch, except maybe English letters, semicolons and parentheses. So far, there are, in fact, only standard libraries for Windows. To write an iOS app, you still need either a live Mac or a virtual Mac. There is still no Xcode for Windows, if you want Xcode, you need a virtual machine. But you can learn the language right now if you really want to.

Answer 2

Mac or hackintosh if programming for iOS. Swift on windows is just another programming language without an “environment” like some kind of lisp. A toy language, or a “language for logic”, which still needs to be linked to I / O like that. There are no libraries under win. There the port is supported by one person (see swift.org.) By the way, the semicolon in swift is a rarely used thing.) Read about the supported platforms here actually https://swift.org/platform-support/ but how to say swift core is a pleasant language. A bunch of legacy ways, along with “new” ways to do the same thing in itself, does not pull as long as C++ does, for example. But as a minus, I want to say that from version to version of the library for iOS and Mac, code compatibility is often lost. But this is not in “core”, but in the SDK for iOS and OS X

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