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Good day, I did not start learning Java Android so long ago, and I would like to learn how to use the official directory. But I can not understand, a bunch of methods is described on the site and a small description has been added to them. I made a screen.

 Enter a description of the image

But where is it on their website to find an example of an HTML.ImageGetter class, and what methods does it support?

For example, the PHP website has excellent documentation that describes the function itself and several examples of implementation are indicated.

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In this case, you need to drive the class \ method in the search for the resource (the upper right corner of the site). So you will receive all the information associated with this class \ method.

The fact is that in the section API descriptions of some (not basic) components are very scarce, but there are still sections: courses, manuals, examples, etc. in which practical and more detailed explanations are given (the truth is also far from All classes). The link between the resources of the site for non-major class API is also pretty wretched, this is definitely the lack of Android documentation, you have to use the search, but there are no cases (as in your example), when everything you can learn from the documentation – a couple of miser lines in the API section At the time, as the main classes right in the API section, huge spheres with a description and excellent linking on extra. Resources, for example by class Activity .

If there is not enough information in the documentation, you have to look for third-party resources, for example, in English SOF there are developers of Android (and simply competent guys) and are usually always ready to clarify incomprehensible moments (or have already done it).

What interfaces, methods, constants and other are defined for each class, fully specified on the API page of this class, in the Summary section. In your case, for the class html.imageGetter Only one getDrawable () method is defined, which is visible on your own screenshot.

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In the menu there are examples and a complete description of all properties, attributes in objects. In the directory, go to the desired item and see how to work with it. At the top will write with which version of the API one or another

method is available

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