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Java development for ios (IPhone)?




Dear programmers! I come across a lot of conflicting information on the Internet. Suppose I decided to write a program in java and for ios.

  1. Is it possible to develop a java application for ios in principle?

    • There are numerous opinions that iOS can only be developed using a Mac bundled with Objective-C and the iOs SDK (the iOs SDK does not support java!). However, there is also an official Oracle documentation that says that java can be used as a development tool for ios.
  2. Is it possible to upload java applications written for ios to ApStore?

  3. Is it possible to access IPhon peripherals such as a camera and micro usb using a java application for ios?
  4. In what integrated development environment and with what modules can you develop Java applications for ios?
    • As if it is implied that the author does not have Mac, and there is no way to eliminate this desire & amp; there is no way either.
  5. Is there any professional literature on this subject? (preferably Russian)

PS . If you know the answer to at least one fifth of the question, please answer! The information is very necessary. If you know about the pitfalls of this case, please write too!

Answer 1, authority 100%

  1. Yes, you can via RoboVM or JavaFXPorts
  2. Yes, http://svanimpe.be/blog/pong-ios.html
  3. Yes, RoboVM creates a bridge between Java and Objective-C
  4. RoboVM requires Xcode and command utilities, the only option that comes to mind is to put a virtual Mac OS X
  5. Yes, but very few, even in English. The best links are listed above.

In conclusion, the development of java programs on iOS is quite real, but it means that the program itself is cross-platform (win, mac, linux, android, ios, etc). Because writing 1 common code in such cases is more profitable in terms of running time. If the program is exclusive on ios, then writing in java does not make much sense and the time spent on development will not be justified.

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