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Reading a Large Text File (Java)




Have a task – count a large text file, filter the necessary data from the presented, make some manipulation with them and create a new file with these corrected data. Tell me, what way advise you to read large files? I use the bufferedreader-Ohm, but I use the plug (small file) yet, and I do not know whether this method will draw a large file on 10K lines. Maybe advise more efficient reading methods?

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Try this:

import java.io.ioException;
Import java.nio.file.files;
Import java.nio.file.paths;
Import java.util.stream.collectors;
Import java.util.stream.stream;
Public Class Test {
  Public Static Void Main (String [] Args) Throws IoException {
    String InputFileName = "";
    String OutputFileName = "";
    Try (Stream & LT; String & GT; Stream = Files.lines (Paths.get (InputFileName))) {
      Files.write (Paths.get (OutputFileName),
              .map (Line- & gt; TransformLine (Line))
              .collect (Collectors.joining ("\ n")). GetBytes ());
  Public Stator String TransformLine (String Line) {
    // TODO.
    Return Line;

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