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Comparison of the result of division without remainder with zero




Why is there a comparison with 0 ?

if (i% 3 == 0)

As I understand it, there is a division without a remainder, but I don’t understand why then compare.

Answer 1, authority 100%

This is a check that the remainder of dividing the number i by another number (3 ) is 0.

This is usually done in order to perform some action in a loop, but not every time (in this case, only every 3 times).

For example:

  • color every 2nd line in the list with a different color if (i% 2 == 0) ...
  • show progress on the screen every 10 iterations if (i% 10 == 0) ...
  • split the stream of digits by adding a space after every 3 if (i% 3 == 0) ...
  • etc.

Answer 2, authority 67%

The % sign is to get the remainder of the division, in your case it is a check that the number i is divisible by 3 .

You can read more about JS operators here

Answer 3, authority 11%

This is a modulus operator that returns the remainder of a division. For example, 18% 7 will equal 4 (roughly 18 - 14 = 4 ). And if you check any number for zero, then you check if this number is evenly divisible by some one.

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