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find out the height of the element via JavaScript, if it is spelled out in the style of




How can I get a height element via JavaScript, if it is registered in the style of style.css ?


. Menu_BotTom {
  HEIGHT: 100px;


& lt; div id = "menu_bottom" class = "menu_bottom" & gt;
  & lt; script type = "text / javascript" & gt;
    Alert (document.getelementByid ("menu_bottom"). style.Height);
  & lt; / script & gt;

It is necessary that the message alert (...) showed the height of this item (just a number, without a unit of measure).

Answer 1, Authority 100%

The easiest way to use jQuery :

$ ('# menu_bottom'). Height ();

without jQuery can be used:

var h = document.getelementbyid ('menu_bottom'). ClientHeight;
VAR H = Document.getelementByid ('menu_bottom'). offsetHeight;
VAR H = Document.getelementByid ('menu_bottom'). ScrollHeight;

clientheight Content height with padding fields, but without a scroll bar.

offsetheight “external” block height, including frames.

scrollheight Complete internal height, including scrolled area.

Answer 2, Authority 25%

var test = document.getelementbyid ("menu_bottom");
var height = window.getcomputedStyle (Test, NULL) .Height;
Alert (Height);

for ie:

var body = document.getelementsbytagname ("body");
var bg = body.currentStyle.Height;


Answer 3, Authority 25%

For JS Snacking styles, so use GetComputedStyle

Answer 4

alert (document.getelementbyid ('menu_bottom'). ClientHeight);

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