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How do I split a number integer in javascript?




There are several ways to divide by a number without a remainder in JS.

Method 1. Rounding:

var x = 10, y = 3.3333;
alert (Math.floor (x / y));

This method is designed for a calculation result greater than zero. If the result is negative, then such a construction will not work correctly.

For example:

Math.floor (-100/3); // Will return -34, although the integer part of -33.33333336 will be -33

Alternatively, to solve this problem by rounding, you can use the if operator:

if (x / y & gt; = 0)
  alert (Math.floor (x / y));
  alert (Math.ceil (x / y));

Method 2:
Probably not as fast as the previous one, but more versatile. Casting to int:

var x = 10, y = 3.3333;
alert (parseInt (x / y));

Method 3 . Productive and versatile:

var x = 10, y = 3.3333;
function div (val, by) {
  return (val - val% by) / by;
alert (div (x, y));

Well, a little bit of hadcore:

alert (~~ (x / y)) // abbreviated Math.floor () the results will be the same
alert (x / y & gt; & gt; 0)
alert (x / y | 0)

demo at jsfiddle

Answer 1, authority 100%

There is no integer or floating point division in javascript.
As a consequence, it is possible that there are no special arithmetic operators for integers.

Based on this, there are several solutions:

  1. Performing regular division and taking an integer part from the result. There are functions for this procedure Math.floor and Math.ceil , the difference is whether a larger integer or a smaller one will be selected.

    console.log (Math.floor (10/3));
    console.log (Math.floor (-10 / 3));
    console.log (Math.ceil (10/3));
    console.log (Math.ceil (-10 / 3));

    Answer 2, authority 33%

    1. As a variant of division, use this construction

      function divme (a, b) {
        return (a - a% b) / b
    2. no

    UPD: met another variant of division. Perhaps it will be useful to you. Link

    Answer 3, authority 33%

    Here’s another option:

    Math.floor (a / b);

    And like this, but it’s better to be careful with it – it works only for small numbers (somewhere up to 4e9):

    a / b | 0

    Answer 4, authority 33%

    It all depends on how you want to round off the division.

    Math.floor (a / b);
    Math.floor (3/2); // = 1


    Math.ceil (a / b);
    Math.ceil (3/2); // = 2;


    Answer 5, authority 33%

    Use the Math.trunc (x) function;

    Math.trunc (13.37); // 13
    Math.trunc (42.84); // 42
    Math.trunc (0.123); // 0
    Math.trunc (-0.123); // -0
    Math.trunc ('- 1.123'); // -1

    Function description on MDN

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