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How to optimize React project for search engines (SEO)?




I almost finished the development of the online store on the MERN stack. Before deployment, I wonder how to optimize the website, because the search engines will see the white page, because it is javascript. I know about Next JS, but as far as I understand, it’s too late. It was originally necessary to create a site.

What should I do? Thank you

Answer 1

React Returns HTML marking. At the exit, you have a project that has everything like everyone else. Page Addresses, Sections, Different Content.

However, the SPA problem is that rendering is put into the browser. The application consists of one page that boots once. All the backward information, loaded dynamically, responding to the user.

When the search robot requests a page, it can be partially empty or completely. For this reason, the bot will not be able to scan the contents correctly.


  1. Use pre-render. Special programs that intercept requests for your site and if the request comes from the bot, pre-rendering sends a cached static HTML version of your site.

  2. Server rendering. When all logic is performed on the server, static HTMLs are transmitted to the browser. In such a vaitte, the search robot will not receive an empty or half-empty page, but a full-fledged way. This way needs to be laid at the project design. Best technology for this – Next.js.

next.js is a javascript reaction framework for creating static server applications. It has many opportunities that allow no problem to render on the server even highly loaded SPA

  1. Add to project files robots.txt, sitemap.xml, add metadata, micro-dimension.

Here is a video, about how Google processes sites on JavaScript: https://youtu.be/g3mpdyubs4c

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