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I have a problem solving problems on codewars. I cannot solve problems less than 7 kyu. It seems that I understand all the topics in js, but I can’t find an algorithm for a seemingly simple task. No mindset for completing tasks. How can this be “eliminated”. There is one more question what level of “kyu” should be able to solve junior, middle, senior.

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You are trying to get an answer to a difficult question, although it seems to you that it is obviously simple. Let’s start in order. How to eliminate – patience and work. You need to solve more problems, starting from simple things like add divide assign assign change, so that everything is deposited in memory. Then the tasks are more difficult, otherwise there is no way. This is the type you want to teach your child to write poetry, but he has no idea what you are about. Accordingly, to find out its level, you will simplify down to letters. Here also, if you do not understand the level, go down to a level less …. As for the level for solving problems, this is purely subjective. You can do great problems by the standards of one and nothing at all by the standards of the other.

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