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Fixing the block at a specific place when scrolling




Hello, you need a block to fix when scrolling when Top == 165; I do this:

$ (window) .scroll (function () {
 if ($ (this) .scrolltop () & gt; 165) {
  $ ('# View .fltrow'). CSS ({'Position': 'Fixed', 'Top': '165px', 'z-index': '999'});
 } else {
  $ ('# View .fltrow'). ATTR ('Style', '');

It turns out that the block when scrolling comes to top == 0, then it is sharply fixed on top == 165 (as if the feeling that jumps), but I need that the block does not reach Top: 0; Namely, Top 165 was immediately fixed, how to achieve such a result, I can not find materials in Google, tell me.

Answer 1

has long done such an example: http://jsfiddle.net/alpha9000/wxfb9/
He is also a response to this question: Floating block – How to remove fixation?

Look MB to you.

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