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How to manage Touch Events . When I write a few TouchStart to different items, it is triggered immediately and can not divide them. Tell me how to manage them without third-party libraries.

$ (". Content"). ON ("TouchStart", Function () {
  $ (this) .stop (). Animate ({TOP: '-50PX'}, 600);

If you can register in another TouchStart on a completely different element they will work simultaneously.

tried to find in Google, but did not find it. Perhaps not looking there.

I will be grateful for the prompt or the small tutorial can where there is

Answer 1, Authority 100%

is not reproduced. Search where you are incorrectly affixed selectors or event pops up into another item.


$ (". Content"). ON ("TouchStart", Function () {
  Alert ('Content');
$ (". Content2"). ON ("TouchStart", Function () {
  Alert ('Content2');

works correctly, when you press on a specific item, only one Alert .

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