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followup to the topic Does it make sense to teach a child OOP

Start to knock into the head of JavaScript the basics of JavaScript, it seems to be moving.

Write in a Notepad is certainly good, but it would be necessary to teach to the IDE and immediately became the question of the choice of IDE. I myself always used Eclipse for these purposes for these purposes, but it is somehow hard it turns out.

So the question: tell me a small, simple IDE for JavaScript, which would highlight the syntax, suggested methods / functions and allowed you to view the execution in the embedded browser (well, or launched an external browser). If supported jQuery in general it would be super.

p.s. Outpools 11 years!

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I would have a programmer’s father, let the tear 🙂

When learning JavaScript and jQuery , I also wanted to find a good IDE and as a result of the selection of click , read.

But the actual program Visual Web Developer 2010 Express

Answer 2, Authority 70%

jetbrains webstorm – Try, not disappoint. There are many opportunities (especially delicious is Live Edit ), it is probably the best IDE for javascript.

Answer 3, Authority 40%

A small list of editors, may pick up something))
scite – simple editor
cloud9 – cloud editor (just in case)
PSPAD FREEWARE EDITOR – Simple free editor
Komodo IDE – an excellent development environment, but you need to be easier, so I recommend it a lightweight version of Komodo Edit
rj texted – simple editor, but good infection, it’s for me
You can also probably collect your IDE)) based on FF and its extensions – additions

In general, of course Webstorm taxis))
To the extreme case sublime with plugins

Answer 4, Authority 40%

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web. It is free and significantly superior to many paid IDE. If you need JQuery support or any other library, simply connect the source library sources through Reference Path. You can also configure the automatic connection of the desired file through the settings. In each project, you can create a Scripts folder and in it _references.js – in this file already connect the necessary libraries and APIs through Reference Path. They will be imported into each open JS file, thereby the embedded IntelliSense system will recognize objects and namespaces of names declared in external files.

Answer 5, Authority 10%

  1. komdo
  2. aptana
  3. webstorm

others so-yourself

In general, the idea of ​​IDE in JavaScript is not enough. Especially if the child knows the basics. Better dope in a javascript baby, and then show Basics of Eclipse when the child will study Java / C++ basics

p.s. The answer was written by a 12-year-old child, who himself studied JS, teaches Java, and use Eclipse

p.p.s. And now what editor does he use? Ordinary Notepad or NotePad ++? If the first, then urgently need to be returned to the second or subline

Update1 I remember I once tried the IDE Eclipse, knowing only JS. I counted it with a set of unnecessary stuff. And when I started learning Java, I had to learn to him again. First with great reluctance. Only 2 months later I used to Eclipse and only after 4 loved it. For a child is a long time. so better do not scare the child from Eclipse now so that he gets used to him then

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