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does not start Windows 7 in the loader GRUB2




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stood Windows 7 on the SDA2 section. I decided to put Ubuntu 16.04. Put it on the extended SDA4 section (SDA5, SDA6, SDA7). When starting, the GRUB2 bootloader appears through which Windows 7 does not start.
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Those. After selecting in the Windows 7 menu and pressing ENTER GRUB attempts to download Windows, after which it throws back to the menu.

It is confused by the fact that in the GRUB2 menu it is indicated that Windows is located on the SDA1 section, although it stands on the SDA2.
Please tell me how to fix the Grub2 bootloader to start windows7.

File /Boot/Grub/Grub.cfg

Answer 1

In the Gparted program, you need to remove the flag from the SDA1 and put on SDA2, then execute the Update-Grub command.

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