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Trying to install GNOME-TWEAK-Tool on Ubuntu 20.04, but the terminal displays the following:

$ sudo apt install gnome-tweak-toool
Some packets cannot be installed. Perhaps what you ask for
impracticable, or you use the unstable version of the distribution, where
The packets you requested are not yet created or removed from incoming.
The following information may help you:
The following packages have unsatisfied dependencies:
 GNOME-TWEAK-TOOL: Depends: GNOME-TWEAKS But it will not be installed
E: Unable to correct errors: you are fixed broken packages.

If you run with the -f key, the result is the same

tried to install from the store, but from there the application also does not download

tried to download archive, but so the application does not start

I already wanted to reinstall GNOME, but it also did not help:

sudo apt-get install --reinstall gnome-shell
Reading package lists ... Ready
Building tree dependencies
Reading information about condition ... Ready
Reinstalling GNOME-Shell is not possible: it cannot be loaded.
Updated 0 packets, 0 new packages are installed, 0 packets are noted to delete, and 0 packets are not updated.

Tell me what to do with it?

p.s. Put on a computer Ubuntu 20.10 and everything worked.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Competently follow one command:

sudo rm / var / lib / apt / lists / lock
Sudo RM / Var / Cache / APT / Archives / Lock
Sudo Apt-Get Update --Fix-Missing
sudo dpkg --configure -a
Sudo Apt-Get Install -f

If it does not help, delete the packet manually:

sudo dpkg --remove --Force-Remove --reinstreq & lt; name_pack & gt;

or reinstall the packet manually:

sudo dpkg -i-force-overwrite & lt; / path / to / deb & gt;

Deb files can be searched here:

/ var / cache / apt / archives / package_version_platform.deb

After manual action with DPKG :

sudo apt clean
Sudo Apt Update.

Answer 2

Perhaps you have not added repository Universe

sudo add-apt-repository universe
Sudo Apt Update.
Sudo Apt Install GNOME-TWEAK-Tool

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