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Error ‘Laravel / Homestead’ Could Not Be Found with Laravel / Homestead Box V. 10.0.0




Ubuntu 18.04 added a team
Vagrant Box Add --insecure Laravel / Homestead
Got Box SuccessFul Added V 10.0.0
Checked the team
Vagrant Box List
Laravel / Homestead (VirtualBox, 10.0.0)
After executing the command

vagrant up

I get an error

bringing machine 'homestead' up with 'virtualbox' provider ...
== & gt; Homestead: Box 'Laravel / Homestead' Could Not Be Found. Attempting to Find and Install ...
Homestead: Box Version: ~ & gt; 9.5.0.
== & gt; Homestead: Loading Metadata for Box 'Laravel / Homestead'
Homestead: URL: https://vagrantcloud.com/laravel/homester
== & gt; Homestead: Adding Box 'Laravel / Homestead' (V9.5.1) for Provider: VirtualBox
Homestead: Downloading: https://vagrantcloud.com/laravel/boxes/homestead/verse/9.5.1/providers/virtualBox.Box

I can not understand why the attempt begins to download the older version 9.5.1 if there is a V10.0.0

Version Vagrant The latest Vagrant 2.2.10
Performed all the offers from the topic ​​https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34946837/box -Laravel-Homestead-Could-not-Be-Found
But the question did not dare

Answer 1

figured out himself. The fact is that in most Laravel / Homestead installation tutorials after the command

Vagrant Box Add Laravel / Homestead

offer to make

vagrant up

Perhaps in older versions of Vagrant it rolled, I can not say for sure, but now after adding boxing you need to make

Vagrant Init Laravel / Homestead

And then raise the Vagrant. For a long time I was looking for this team, it came across randomly, it is a pity that too often you have to answer my own questions. Always ask in such cases the question: “Did anyone know from the heap of people who reviewed this question, no one knew this team? Or they just had a lazy to write one line.”

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