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What is Local?




Bid recently with the need to install Locali. I did everything, but I did not get a complete understanding.
What is Local and what is the difference between locale and encoding?

Answer 1

Local is a set of parameters, including a set of characters, user language, country, time zone, as well as other presets that the user expects to see in the user interface. (Wikipedia )

Setting the locale will affect not only the output of characters in lines as encoding, but also on date, time, day-month names, which return the system function type date () , etc.

Answer 2, Authority 200%

Local is a dataset specifying date and time format, currency display, language used and other data. For example, EN_US indicates that this is American English. The encoding is indicated via the point and EN_GB.UTF-8 – it means that the client software should output the text on British English using the UTF-8 encoding. I wrote as I myself understand, in Wiki Approximately the same

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