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Where to look for log file in Bitrix?




Error 500 got out. I’m trying to master Bitrix. I understood from the forums that you need to look for the cause of the error in the logs. But I rummaged the whole structure – do not understand where he.

Answer 1

You need to enable Bitrix / WWW / Bitrix / .settings.php error display

debug ‘= & gt; True,

The same with the database.

Bitrix / www / bitrix / php_interface / dbconn.php

You can also replace ‘log’ = & gt; NULL on

'log' = & gt;
    Array (
     'settings' = & gt;
     Array (
      'file' = & gt; '/var/log/php/exceptions.log',
      'log_size' = & gt; 1000000,

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