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Why did the encoding in SQL, and how to fix everything?




There is a local project on OpenServer, the database in the utf8_general_ci encoding with three fields and the output script all this page:

& lt;? php
 $ Connect = mysqli_connect ("", "root", "", "organiser");
 mysqli_query ($ Connect, "Set Names 'utf8'");
 MySQLI_Query ($ Connect, "Set Character Set 'UTF8';");
 mysqli_query ($ Connect, "SET SESSION COLLATION_CONNECTION = 'UTF8';");
 $ Query = "Select * from` notes` ";
 $ notes_result = mysqli_fetch_assoc (Mysqli_Query ($ Connect, $ Query));
? & gt;

When displaying text on the page there is such a beauty:

Open Server config:

  1. apache 2.4
  2. php 5.5
  3. mysql 5.6

tried to change the comparison of the table columns – zero effect.
Adding to the header code ('CONTENT-TYPE: TEXT / HTML; CHARSET = UTF8', TRUE); I did not give the result.

Answer 1

Reset Open Server Setup and fill in all values
Must work

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