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I am writing a simple reinforcement learning algorithm, in which there is a simple animation, by means of output to the console. So, to show a new frame of animation, I need to somehow clear this console. Now I’m using print (100 * '\ n') , but it doesn’t look very nice due to the console scrolling. I use PyCharm IDE if it matters. Tried os.system (‘cls’) and print (‘\ k’) – doesn’t work. Is it possible to somehow clear the console to re-output a new frame of animation to it?

P.S. It is worth adding: frame is a square matrix of size n, each element of which is a separate symbol: = if the cell is empty, A – if there is an agent in the cell, E – if there is an enemy in the cell. The matrix is ​​updated and a new frame is displayed. Now n = 7. The total number of frames cannot be known in advance.

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In general, the os.system ('cls') method works for the console, which breaks when outputting inside PyCharm. On the other hand, right inside PyCharm there is a terminal that this function works with.

UPD: PyCharm technical support advised to enable terminal emulation in the output console (this is done in Run | Edit Configurations). With emulation enabled, os.system ('cls') works fine in the output console as well.

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