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Hello, I found the code in the Internet through which you can add a keyboard in the LS group of VKontakte. For some reason, this code is started without errors, but in LAN Bota after sending a message with the text ‘Keyboard’ keyboard does not appear.

import vk_api
Import Time.
Import json.
Token = "Token"
vk = vk_api.vkapi (token = token)
vk._auth_token ()
DEF Get_Button (Label, Color, Payload = ""):
  Return {
    "Action": {
      "TYPE": "Text",
      "PayLoad": json.dumps (payload),
      "Label": label
    "Color": Color
Keyboard = {
  "One_time": False,
  "Buttons": [
  Get_Button (Label = "Button 1", color = "POSITIVE"),
  get_button (label = "button 2", color = "negative"),
  get_button (label = "button 3", color = "primary"),
  Get_Button (Label = "Button 4", color = "default")
Keyboard = JSON.DUMPS (Keyboard, Ensure_Ascii = False) .Encode ('UTF-8')
Keyboard = STR (utf-8 '))
While True:
    Messages = VK.Method ("Messages.getConversations", {"Offset": 0, "Count": 20})
    If Messages ["Count"] & gt; = 1:
      id = Messages ["Items"] [0] ["Last_Message"] ["FROM_ID"]
      Body = Messages ["Items"] [0] ["Last_Message"] ["Text"]
      IF Body == "Hi":
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": "Hi friend"})
      ELIF Body == "Keyboard":
        VK.Method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": "Select the button!", "Keyboard": Keyboard})
      ELIF Body == "Button 1":
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": Body})
      ELIF Body == "Button 2":
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": Body})
      ELIF Body == "Button 3":
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": Body})
      Elif Body == "Button 4":
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": Body})
      ELIF BODY == "Start":
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": "Let's start"})
        vk.method ("Messages.send", {"peer_id": ID, "Message": "I did not understand you!"})
    Time.Sleep (0.5)
  Except Exception AS E:
    Time.Sleep (1)

Answer 1, Authority 100%

In the library VK_API already have methods that allow you to work with the keyboard. Do not invent a bike

from vk_api.keyboard import vkkeyboard, vkkeyboardcolor
Keyboard = VKKeyboard (one_time = false)
keyboard.add_button (Label = "Button 1", color = vkkeyboardcolor.positive) # Green
keyboard.add_line () # The following buttons will be under this
keyboard.add_button (label = "button 2", color = vkkeyboardcolor.primary) # blue color
Keyboard.add_Button (Label = "Button 3", color = vkkeyboardcolor.default) # white color
# ...
vk.method ("Messages.send",
    "peer_id": id
    "Message": "Select a button!",
    "Keyboard": keyboard.Get_Keyboard () Returns JSON of our keyboard

If you want in your own way, then:

  • First, replace the value of the PAYLOAD parameter by default
    none , because empty string and none are different things.
def get_button (label, color, payload = none):
  • Second, the buttons field must contain List of lists , where the first level list is rows, and the second-level lists are the buttons in the row.
Keyboard = {
  "One_time": False,
  "Buttons": [
    [# These buttons will be in the first row
      Get_Button (Label = "Button 1", color = "POSITIVE"),
      get_button (label = "button 2", color = "negative"),
      Get_Button (Label = "Button 3", Color = "Primary")
[# This button will be in the second row
       Get_Button (Label = "Button 4", color = "default")

Answer 2

maybe it will help the replacement of the string:

body = messages ["Items"] [0] ["Last_Message"] ["text"]


body = messages ["Items"] [0] ["Last_Message"] ["text"]. Lower ( )

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