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Error installing module: pip is not an external or internal command




Hello! I have a question that will seem very stupid to you. When I try to install a module, it says: “pip is not an external or internal command, an executable program or a batch file. I used the full path. The package installer does not seem to need to be installed separately. Windows 7.

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You need to set the path to pip to environment variables, this can be done when installing python by selecting Add Python to PATH.

If you have already installed, but forgot to select this item, you can add the path manually:

Control Panel - & gt; System - & gt; Advanced System Options - & gt; Environment Variables

You will see 2 windows, User Environment Variables for & lt; username & gt; and System Variables , you need first, click on the Path variable - & gt; Edit , then you will see the Variable value field, put the ; separator at the end and add the path to the directory where pip is located (for example, C: \ Python \ Scripts , the path to the Python directory may differ).

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When installing Python , you need to install pip and possibly check Add Python to PATH .

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Try this:

python3 -m pip -V

If it returns the version, then you can install it like this

python3 -m pip install pip

Recommend to use in conjunction with Virtual Environment

Answer 4

find the installer, hit delete or something like that, then run the installer again and select Add Python to PATH in the lower left corner, and that’s it

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