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I write a bot on vk_api. There was a problem that when sending a message, a non-unique message ID of the message is returned to the conversation, while in private messages everything is fine. For example

test = vk_api.messages.send (peer_id = peer_id, message = "test")

Test value will be a number – message ID If it comes to personal messages, but it is started if the message is sent to the conversation. I tried to write everything without libraries on clean requests, in response the server gives JSON

{'responce': 0}

What can this problem be related and how to solve it (MB even through the crutch, but better more or less adequately

Answer 1

VKontakte API has closed the opportunity to receive message ID for conversations. Read the following materials:

  1. API for chat bots>1. Community>1.2. Adding bots in conversations
  2. Roadmap>Restriction Messages API

Costlome is: Save the message history in the database, lead your message ID or limit your bot and answers to his messages.

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