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Proxy Error Python + Requests: The Handshake Operation Timed Out




I can not understand what the problem is. The script that uses Requests + proxy requests on multiple servers is performed with an error. On configured servers or PC, the script works without errors (that is, it’s not about the code!), When copying to clean servers, such an error appears. Updated and installed everything you can. The problem remains at 3.5 and 3.7 python. Google is empty on this topic, what can I provide to understand what is the problem? Full error text:

httpsconnectionpool (host = 'api.vk.com', port = 443): Max Retries Exceeded with URL: / Method / Groups.getmembers.
(Caused by Proxyerror ('Cannot Connect to Proxy.', Timeout ('_ ssl.c: 629: The Handshake Operation Timed Out',)))


Query String:

res = requests.get (self.base_url.format (Method, "& amp;" Join (['% S =% s
 '% (I, Kwargs [i]) for i in kwargs])), proxies = {
"http": "http: //" + self.proxy,
"HTTPS": "https: //" + self.proxy}, timeout = 15)

Self.Proxy looks like this: login: [email protected]: 8000

Answer 1

The problem was solved by a downgrade Requests to version 2.23.0

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