Home python What to do What would ATOM bring the result in Russian?

What to do What would ATOM bring the result in Russian?




Version: Python3
Editor: Atom
What do you need to do so that the at the atom will display the Russian text?
Sample code:

print ('hi world!')

But the output occurs this:

������ ���!

P.S.: Encoding is worth UTF-8

Answer 1, Authority 100%

I found the answer to my own question and I want to put a point once and forever in this topic. Checked on many systems this decision and at the moment it works in 100% of cases.
So for those who still have an Internet surfit in the hope of finding a solution to this problem below I will leave a detailed path.
Example I bring on Windows 10:
Start – & gt; Settings – & gt; Time and language – & gt; Region – & gt; Additional parameters (right) – & gt; Regional Standards – & GT; Optional – & gt; Change system language – & gt; Select Russian and put a tick on “Use Unicode UTF-8”
We save, reboot, profit.

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