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where you can find a training material on pyqt5




I’m learning to create programs with the interface on PyQT5. And I had difficulty in finding reference material. Tell me where you can learn how to create programs on PyQT5. Any video lessons or sites where not only basic knowledge will be told. And already more professional.

Answer 1

Python 3 and Pyqt 5. Development of applications – a push, a lot Non-obvious features that are always overlooked in tutorials on different sites and a construction code explanation.

pyscientist notes – Canal on YouTube, also a lot of examples of PyQT5, unlike the rest – Well explains and also not exactly Hello World examples.

Qt documentation in Russian . The only thing that is in Russian is the only thing. True, in the fourth version, but in the course of the case, you can decide incompatible things already asking them, they are not so much.

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