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Visual Studio does not find ManagementObjectSearcher




Good day.

Visual Studio does not want to find the ManagementObjectSearcher. What I just did not try. Changed the .NET version, imported different things. No sense.

I decided to check the info from one article, and it is used for yourself.

managementObjectSearcher SEARCHER11 =
        New ManagementObjectSearcher ("Root \\ Cimv2",
        "SELECT * from Win32_Videocontroller");
      Foreach (ManagementObj in searcher11.get ())
        Console.WriteLine ("----------- Win32_VideoController Instance -------");
        Console.Writeline ("Adapterram: {0}", queryobj ["adapterram"]);
        CONSOLE.WRITELINE ("CAPTION: {0}", Queryobj ["Caption"]);
        Console.WriteLine ("Description: {0}", Queryobj ["Description"]);
        Console.WriteLine ("VideoProcessor: {0}", queryobj ["videoprocessor"]);

I get as a result:

The Type or Namespace Name ‘ManagementObjectSearcher’ Could Not Be Found (Are You Missing A Using Directive or An Assembly Reference?)

Import System.Management is. (System.management.dll does not find, although somewhere wrote that this is a solution to the problem.)

What should I do? : /

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Open your project, click right-click on References in the solutions browser for this project. In the drop-down list, choose “Add Reference”. A dialog box appears in front of you in which the Assemblies section in the panel are selecting. There are more assemblies. Among them, find the System.Management assembly. Check it with a daw, click the OK button. Hurray, everything works.


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