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Black screen when installing Windows 10




A dozen are already installed on the computer, but it became necessary to reinstall it. I’m installing another assembly, which I previously installed on another computer without any problems. But now, after starting the computer from a flash drive, the installation does not even start, but, for a long time, a black screen. Computer parameters and I don’t write anything like that. my question is, is my problem within the normal range? Does it make sense to just wait or is something wrong?

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Most likely you do not boot correctly into the USB flash drive \ installation, for some computers you can select uefi:flash driveor just flash drive.

Either I wrote the image on yusb incorrectly, because there are different axis launchers: uefi bios

I usually use rufus and Windows 10.0.18363.418 Version 1909.iso

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Hello 🙂 Is the solution to the problem still relevant for you? If so, firstly what program did you use to write Windows to a flash drive? Perhaps the recording itself was NOT correct, try through Rufus, if you used UltraISO (for example) correct recording is the most important step and always in NTFS mode, also pay attention to which mode on this computer in BIOS is enabled for the hard disk, as a rule, this is one of the possible conflicts. But still, I hope you solved your problem 🙂

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