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Yandex Translate API incorrectly works




noticed such a feature that some API TranLslate Yandex does not translate, but leaves it, but through the web version of the site translate.yandex.ru translates well!

Example, word “brunette”

 Translation through API

 Translation through the site

And I met such examples quite a lot. Has anyone come across such? The question in the technical support of Yandex has already written, waiting for an answer

Answer 1

Replied support for Yandex:

“on translate.yandex.ru http://translate.yandex.ru/ works new translation Based on the neural network (https: // yandex. RU / Blog / Company / Kak-Pobedit-Mornikov-yandeks-zapustil-gibridnuyu-sistemu-perevoda ). Through the API, it is not yet available. Over time, we will try to add it as well for the API, but while some Calculate decisions can not be called. “

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