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Hangfire task is not working




Hello everyone. I recently had to use Hangfire to launch a specific task.

When you start the task, I get this exception in the planner itself:

An Exception Occurred During Processing Of A Background Job.
A Suitable Constructor for Type 'SmsservicePanel.getInfoforResourseService' Could Not Be Located. Ensure The Type is Concrete and Services Are Registered for All Parameters of a Public Constructor.
System.InvalidOperationException: A Suitable Constructor for Type 'SMSServicePanel.getInfoforResourSeservice' Could Not Be Located. Ensure The Type is Concrete and Services Are Registered for All Parameters of a Public Constructor.
  AT Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.ActiveInsTorutiIs.CreateInstance (IServiceProvider Provider, Type InstanceType, Object [] Parameters)
  at Microsoft.Extensions.DependencyInjection.ActiveVatorutilities.GetServiceorcreateInsTance (IServiceProvider Provider, Type Type)
  at hangfire.aspnetcore.aspnetcorejobactivatorscope.resolve (Type Type)
  AT Hangfire.Server.CorebackGroundJobperformer.perform (PerformContext CONTEXT)
  at hangfire.server.backgroundjobperformer. & lt; & gt; c__displayclass9_0. & lt; Performjobwithfilters & gt; b__0 ()
  at Hangfire.Server.BackgroundJobperformer.invokeperformFilter (iServerFilter Filter, PerformingContext Precontext, Func`1 Continuation)
  at hangfire.server.backgroundjobperformer. & lt; & gt; c__displayclass9_1. & lt; Performjobwithfilters & gt; b__2 ()
  AT Hangfire.Server.BackgroundJobperformer.performJobwithfilters (PerformContext Context, Ienumerable`1 Filters)
  AT Hangfire.Server.BackGroundJobperformer.perform (PerformContext CONTEXT)
  at Hangfire.server.Worker.performJob (BackgroundProcessContext Connection, IStorageConnection Connection, String Jobid)

Here is the code of the whole task:

  Public String Name {Get; SET; }
  Public String Count {Get; SET; }
Public Class GetInfoforResoursourseservice.
  Public IinfowithPanelRepository InfoWithPanelRepository;
  GetInfoforResourseService (EfuserDbContext DB, IinfowithPanelRepository InfoWithPanelRepository)
    this.db = db;
    this.infowithpanelRepository = InfoWithPanelRepository;
  Private Async Task & Lt; String & GT; Request ()
    var appsettingsjson = appsettingsjson.getAppsettings ();
    var ip = appsettingsjson ["smsserviceip"];
    var apikey = appsettingsjson ["apikeysmsservice"];
    WebRequest Request = WebRequest.create ($ "http: // {} / Stubs/monitors_ajax.php");
    Request.method = "post"; // For sending Used POST method
                 // Data for sending
    STRING DATA = $ "api_key = {apikey}";
    // Transform data into an array of bytes
    byte [] bytearray = System.Text.Encoding.utf8.getBytes (DATA);
    // Install the content type - ContentType parameter
    Request.contentType = "Application / X-WWW-FORM-URLENCODED";
    // Install the Content-Length query header - the ContentLength property
    Request.contentLength = bytearray.Length;
    // write data into the query stream
    Using (Stream DataStream = Request.getRequeststReam ())
      datastream.write (Bytearray, 0, bytearray.Length);
    WEBRESPONSE RESPONSE = await request.getResponseAsync ();
    Stream Stream = Response.getResponseStream ();
    StreamReader Reader = New StreamReader (Stream);
    STRING RESULT = Reader.ReadToend ();
    response.close ();
  Public Async Task GetInfo ()
    var jsonstring = await request ();
    Root result = jsonconvert.deserializeobject & lt; root & gt; (jsonstring);
    var resourceselist = new list & lt; jsonservialize & gt; ();
    Foreach (Var Item in Result.UnProcessed_requests)
      var addeditem = new jsonserialize () {name = item.server_name, count = item.requests_count};
      ResourSelist.add (AddedItem); 
    var json = system.text.json.jsonSerializer.serialize (ResourSelist);
    InfoWithPanel info = await db.infos.firstordefaultAltasync ();
    if (info == null)
      var addedinfo = new infoWithPanel () {Resourses = JSON, LastUpdate = datetime.Now};
      infoWithPanelRepository.create (AddedInfo);
      var updatedInfo = new infoWithPanel () {id = info.id, Resourses = JSON, LastUpdate = datetime.Now};
      infoWithPanelRepository.update (UpdatedInfo);


What could be the problem?

Answer 1

Thank you guys from comments. I assigned a bublic availability modifier constructor and now everything worked.

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