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How to find a node of several numbers?




given n integers. It is required to find such a largest integer on which all these N numbers are divided.

I have code for finding a node of two numbers, but how to realize the finding node of several numbers?

Answer 1, Authority 100%

import math
math.gcd (2, 6, 12) # 2

math.gcd Changed in Version 3.9: Added Support for An Arbitrary Number of Arguments. Formerly, Only Two Arguments Were Supported.

to version 3.9, but above 3.5 can be combined so:

math.gcd (3, math.gcd (6, 12)) # 3


from math import gcd
from Functools Import Reduce
Reduce (GCD, [3, 12, 6, 18]) # 3

for version below 3.5:

from functools import reduce
  Return GCD (B, A% B) IF B ELSE A
Reduce (GCD, [3, 6, 12]) # 3

Answer 2

take the first two numbers. We are looking for nodes (let’s call it nod ). We take the third number, looking for a node to it and Nod . Repeat until the numbers are running out.

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