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I was going to learn C # from the book. The book did not tell you how or what to set up. I went in and downloaded the free version of Visual Studio Community 2017 from the official website. After installation, indicated C #. The components are specified by default. I have Windows 7 /

Now I run I need to select the Console App template. It was not there, I found something that can be created through a simple “empty” template. In the end, it turned out that the SDKs were installed only for Windows 10 and it was not possible to create a project template. I went into the installation of components, there is generally no for Windows 7.

What should I do, how to work with Windows 7?

Not a lot of bombing from the fact that I downloaded from Windows 7, downloaded the version for student students and so on. And this is an environment developed specifically for the OS on which I am sitting, I could not automatically determine or tell what you are betting on the seven, which means that we will offer you to install such files and components, because you will not start Windows SDK 10. But there is no default. it was told to establish this and that, and in the end there is nothing to develop. It’s as if I logged in from a MacBook and installed some application for Windows 8 from the AppStore, and successfully with instructions on what to click there, but at startup it said no, you can’t use it here!

Answer 1, authority 100%

  1. Start Visual Studio Installer.
  2. Under Visual Studio Community 2017, there are three buttons – refresh, start and an additional menu (three horizontal stripes). Select the additional menu, in it select the “Change” item.
  3. In the window that opens, select the templates that you need.

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