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Advise which program you can make a block diagram to code.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

If not very big and not very complicated, then you can in the free option lucidchart , there is export and Visio; Although, the code looked probably complicated there …

Answer 2, Authority 25%

I use conceptdraw pro it is possible and the UML and block diagrams do.

Answer 3

I do not think that there are programs that can automatically draw a block diagram. UML diagrams, type of interaction between classes – perhaps a block diagram according to the Sweet standards – very unlikely.

And if you draw yourself – any vector editor

Answer 4

If you print the block then on the A1, I recommend DIA, at least a program and non-singular, but the lines are smooth there and do not need to align for a very long time (so that there is no “ladder” or what it is called). Himself wound with the choice of editor for the block diagram and UML charts. If you just draw a bocket scheme, then you can and Visio.

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