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I begin to learn Linux (now on Windows 10), I downloaded Oracle VirtualBox 6.1.22 and Ubuntu 18.04.1, but I could not run. After creating a virtual machine, it is not possible to select a disk image where the Ubuntu lies, because such an error occurs: the hardware virtualization function is enabled for this machine, but not supported by your host. To ensure the performance of the machine, it must be turned off.

I open the virtual machine settings, then the “system”, then “acceleration” and turn off the hardware visualization, but the error does not disappear anyway. Please tell me why it can be and how can I fix?

Answer 1

This error occurs if your hypervisor is already installed in the system. Most likely, you have activated Hyper-V hypervisor. Delete it through the Control Panel – Programs and Components – Enable and disable Windows components. Reboot and run Virtual Box again. But!

Install Virtual Box makes sense only if you want to master the Graphic Shell GNOME or KDE. If you are going to work on a command line or separate applications, it is enough to start Linux in Windows Activate WSL – Windows Subsystem for Linux – and Install Ubuntu from MS Store

This option is faster than the Virual Box, and is better integrated into Windows in file sharing plan.

Then you can still install X Server and Windows Terminal, and Linux is almost native. On the photo, the GNOME Terminal terminal running in Ubuntu 18 installed in WSL. In the terminal, the working folder / MNT / C / Windows 😉

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