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Is it possible to somehow find out that the user searched for recently in search engines?




Hello, dear programmers!

I have such a question: is it possible to somehow find out that the user was looking for recently in search engines (Google, Yandex et al.), To withdraw current advertising on your site?

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Yes, you can:

 Window.getSurfHistory ();

Well, and honestly, at first glance, the question may seem ridiculous, because If it was possible, then what would be the meaning of providing privacy and anonymity to the network? It would not be necessary to collect information about him from various input forms, but it would be enough to just look into his search history and learn a lot of interesting things about it. So no, it is impossible to take it so easy and learn about the users what is usually in his personal zone.

But it is difficult to do it difficult, as, for example, makes the mechanism of multiple advertising banners from one company installed on different sites on the network. Banners retain the complete right to send any information to the server (including the cookies of a specific site). Thus, if, let’s say, the banner of a certain advertising company is on sites A, B and C, and the user has committed, for example, such a surfing scheme: A- & GT; C- & GT; B- & GT; A, then this user will lose its Anonymity and will give that company itself to know exactly what he was on the site A, then moved to the site C, from there on B, and then returned to a.

True, this complexity is to force the site owner to insert the code of an advertising banner to your site.

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