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Is there an array … mats?




I am writing authorization in the application and I want to cut off attempts in inadequate schoolchildren already at this stage to enter EditText Nevalid name (mats).

Check wanted to do through .contains ArrayList & lt; String & GT; , so after probably the twentieth element Fantasy ended 🙂 Yes, and not quite the soul I had to occupy 🙂

Therefore, a question – can anyone have already done a similar database and can share (I do not count on a complete list for obvious reasons) so that just Ctrl + C, Ctrl + v.

PS. Please treat with understanding and not to kick pain – with a similar task I encountered for the first time.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Theme is old as a world.

From what I saw exactly PHP-Censure – Script on PHP To determine obscene words – it turned out to be better than others by reviews. You can use the approach that is used in it: “bad” words are determined by parts. Separately prefix, separate root and so on. It is precisely because the mother words exist not much, but a lot – derived from them, such an approach works well. Also used a list of “good” words so as not to refuse superflore.

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