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What is the difference in replication and synchronization, in relation to databases?




What is the difference in replication and one-sided synchronization, applied to databases? Here is what I found about replication :

Replication (from lat. Replico -Presenting) – This is replicating changes
data from the main database server on one or more dependent
servers. The main server will be called a master, and dependent –

and about one-sided sync :

One-sided synchronization. The contents of the same database (MASTER) is copied
to another database (slave). In mysql synchronization of databases on different
servers are used to replicate tables, creating test and
Backup databases, MYSQL backup, etc.

According to these definitions, it seems that these concepts mean the same thing.

Answer 1, Authority 100%

Data synchronization – elimination of differences between two copies of the data.
It is assumed that these copies had previously been the same, and then one of
They, or both were independently changed.

Replication is a process under which it is understood to copy data from
one source to another (or in many others) and vice versa.

In the context of this particular example, this is the same. In a broader sense – these concepts mean different processes.


Synchronization is a goal. Replication is a way to achieve it.

You can make synchronization without replication. An infined example: it is necessary in two databes to synchronize a table containing numbers from 1 to 100. Replication is applicable here, but you can completely do without it.

You can use replication, the purpose of which will not synchronize data. For example, a trigger is hanging on the plate that multiplies each insert-two field. Replication will be – synchronization is not very.

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